If you want to sell your products or services in and around the area where your business is located, then you now have a much better solution than phonebook or direct mailing and a much more cost-effective solution than newspaper or TV ads.

Millions of people around the globe search for local products and services via the Internet. And because of the constantly increasing use of mobile devices, this community is growing rapidly. The Internet is not just for online business anymore and local search is the key factor that gives you access to all of these potential customers.

The reason we dedicate ourselves to making sure you get noticed is because local search is so important to every business. At Global Social Wealth Unlimited, we know how crucial it is to know what people are looking for, and by using local search, we will get you on the map to discovery. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing have algorithms that determine which local businesses rank in local search. Google+ Local will become extremely important as it replaces Google

Places as Google’s hub for businesses to present their information for Google local search. Our professionals know how to make you an Internet success, giving you the visibility you need to be easily found.

Global Social Wealth Unlimited knows and understand the steps to target your particular business in your local market by using the most up-to-date technology to post content including local terms, your own town or city in descriptions and titles, addresses, phone numbers, and your business name to help all search engines index your information. We understand the primary factors that impact a local business’s chance of appearing in local search.

We at Global Social Wealth Unlimited go way beyond what is offered with search engine optimization (SEO) in general. We create SEO content for your website that does not only use generic keywords that are related to your product or service we also emphasize your location. Our SEO team is determined to make sure your website gets the maximum visibility in all major search engines. And in managing all your content on a consistent basis, we guarantee you will become the top ranked site in your local area or your field of business and we will take care that you on top.

Potential customers often seek out local businesses first, and with Global Social Wealth Unlimited, our highly trained team does everything to generate traffic to your website and to establish your business as an authority. Driving targeted traffic directly to your site will help you to make more money.

Having geographically relevant content will help power up your website while optimizing your online presence. We help you reach the customers that are closest to you so you don’t miss out on all the opportunities that are just out there waiting for you and your business.

We also provide extensive social media marketing. Major search engines incorporate internal or external social signals on local search. Typical ranking factors in local searches, such as keyword relevancy can, therefore, be layered with social signals (e.g. Facebook likes) to give a better-crowdsourced experience for users.

Social media sites like Facebook have become more directly involved in local search by updating their mobile apps with features to help people discover new businesses to visit. Several providers offer local search on mobile devices. Some of these are location aware.

Global Social Wealth Unlimited will assist you in getting the exposure that your company deserves. We will help you to grow your business by establishing strong roots within your community. Let us help you to brand you as the best company in your area. Don’t let your competitor be the first name your potential client see.

Optimize your local search with Global Social Wealth Unlimited to help customers find you easily, to stake your claim locally, and watch your listing climb to the top.