Dagmar Schult
CEO and founder
Global Social Wealth Unlimited


Did you lose sight of why you originally started your business? Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed? (I know I did ! ). No worries! We live in a world of infinite possibilities where everybody – and that means YOU – can build a business that thrives.

That’s why I am so passionate about the Internet… it will help you leverage your business, it will help you to get in front of your target customer that already is looking for your products and services.

So, imagine why you do business. Wasn’t it all about freedom and about creating something special? I want you to dream big again! And I am here to take away all the nitty gritty technical challenges so that you have the freedom that you want and that you desire. Do what you love. Let us do the hard work!

Look around, you’ll find resources on this website that will help you to build the business you’ve always dreamed of. It’s all about helping you leveraging the unlimited possibilities of the Internet.


We are committed to our core values and most importantly to your success in every project that we take on.

In an ever-changing environment, where the Internet becomes crowded more and more, we commit to stay ahead of the game. We KEEP ON LEARNING AND GROWING and EDUCATING ourselves, keeping up with CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY and the newest trends, so that YOU SUCCEED and YOUR BUSINESS GROWs AND THRIVES. We will go the EXTRA MILE for you because we know that we will only succeed when you succeed.

Dagmar’s Story

My name is Dagmar Schult. I am the founder and CEO of Global Social Wealth Unlimited. Welcome to our website! I am glad you stopped by. Please know that you’ve come to the right place!

Global Social Wealth Unlimited is dream come true for me. I am passionate about the limitless opportunities of the Internet and about helping businesses succeed online.

Now that I have left my corporate job, I am helping business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and coaches like you to gain presence on the Internet, helping you generating more sales so your business grows and thrives.

I am now living my dream and I want the same for you. I want you to sit back and relax while we take care of all the nitty-gritty technical things of your marketing. I want you to do what you do best and what you love most so that you can start enjoying your business and your life again.

You see, I am absolutely loving my new life, but this was not always the case.

I worked for 24 years for a European aeronautics company managing international projects. This may sound exciting, but in fact, it was not. I was quite unhappy. I hold a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and although I was the subject matter expert and I was paid quite well for this, professional decisions were made by the management that most of the time made decisions either out of political reasons or to save money short term, although sometimes saving money short term would cost a fortune long term.

I couldn’t bring in my expertise, I didn’t see any value in what I was doing and I felt useless. I didn’t enjoy what I did anymore and it literally sucked the soul out of me.  I decided that I couldn’t do this any longer and I finally left my job.

What was great about my job though was that I worked my whole professional life on Internet technologies starting on the very first days of the Internet. My team introduced the first collaboration platform that allowed our employees to share work results and documents on the company Intranet in 2000. A highly secure collaboration platform with customers and suppliers followed in 2003 and later on my team launched the first web conferencing tool that also could be used by employees, customers, and suppliers.

I was always on the cutting edge of Internet technology. When I started to think about quitting my job and launching my own business I started to learn everything I could about online marketing. I was absolutely stunned about the opportunities that the Internet offered and I was eager to learn all of it.

Global Social Wealth Unlimited now allows me to have the lifestyle I love. I travel the world. My laptop and an Internet connection are all I need, so I can work almost everywhere. I use my travels to do a lot of personal development and to network with my global mastermind group while I am enjoying the most beautiful places on Earth.

I love nature and especially the ocean and I try to help to save our environment. I am vegan and support a sustainable lifestyle. I am also a passionate Yogini and most interesting for me is to see how ancient eastern wisdom in Yoga and modern western science are just 2 different perspectives on actually the same thing which is interconnectedness and interdependence of everything.